Graphic Design

Photoshop Tutorials

… basic photoshop:

link to site w/   lots of photoshop
link to lots of photoshop
more photoshop
more photohsop …
more photoshop
exploring the tool box …
applications bar and options bar …
panels and menus …
retouching eyes, p1
retouching eyes, p2 …
tone correction
graduated filters
working with hair
working w/ channels …
digital makeup …
selection/refining edges p1 …
quick selection/refining edges p2 …

… more advanced:

wacom help w/   photoshop …
masking Liquids in Photoshop
strange portrait effects

InDesign Tutorials

… basic InDesign:

link to site w/   lots of indesign
link to lots of indesign
more indesign
starting a new document
type tricks
paragraph styles help …
smart guides
paragraph rules
using GREP styles
placing multiple images
links panel

… more advanced:

using preflight to   find/fix errors in documents
 advance functions of InDesign
integrating InDesign into flash

Illustrator Tutorials

… basic Illustrator:

link to site w/   lots of illustrator
link to lots of illustrator
more illustrator
more illustrator
starting a new document
basic drawing tools p1 …
patterns and shapes …
blob brush
gradient tool
multi artboards
working w/ color groups and color   harmonoy
working w/ gradients to make   semi-realistic images
using appearance and graphic styles
working with control handles
working w/ type

… more advanced:

simple silhouettes …
mesh tool …
leather effect
wood grain effect

Acrobat Tutorials

… basic acrobat pro:

site w/ lots of   acrobat
link to lots of acrobat
more acrobat
creating a portfolio from multiple   documents
commenting tools …
PDF for graphic files